Workshop 5

Friday 09, February 2018  


Duration: 02:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.  

Venue: Meeting Room 3  

Title:   Botulinum Toxin in Neurology  

Learning Objectives:  

1) To discuss the mechanism of action and expected clinical benefits, to review the definition of chronic migraine and the method of using Botox in its treatment with practical pitfall for the injectors.

2) To review the need for treatment for post stroke spasticity and to discuss the multi-disciplinary approach in treating spasticity

3) To discuss Botox help in dystonia and hemi facial spasm with video illustrations

Chairman:   TBA  


  • Chronic migraine diagnosis and Botox injection paradigm – Hands on experience   Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld   75 min  
  • Early detection and multidisciplinary approach for the management of post-stroke spasticity   Dr. Hassan Schacfe   45 min
  • Botox applications in the management of movement disorders   Dr. Saeed Bohlega   30 min