Women’s Neurology Chapter

Women’s Neurology Chapter

Women experience unique challenges over the course of a lifetime. Women differ from men with the same disorder in their presentation, disease course and response to treatment. Further, hormonal and reproductive changes throughout the lifespan, including menarche, pregnancy, menopause and the use of hormonal contraceptives, assisted reproduction, and hormone replacement therapies, affect neurological health and disease. Women face different challenges in their social roles, which also impacts their well-being.

The Saudi women’s neurology is a non-profit society that is a part of the Saudi Society of neurology. The chapters board members are highly specialized in different neurological subspecialties with expertise in managing women with different neurological diseases.

Chapter Objectives:

Education and training

  • Supervise, evaluate, and promote educational courses, conferences, and events endorsed by the chapter in the field of women’s neurology.
  • Establish a fellowship training in women’s neurology
  • Promoting the idea of establishing a specialized women neurology clinic in different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Conduct research to investigate neurological diseases in women and how the gender specific issues impact neurological diseases.
  • Identify and promote research opportunities and initiatives related to women’s neurology through communication and networking within the chapter members as well as other healthcare professionals and organizations interested in the field of women’s medicine.
  • Collaborate and establish research relationships with different Saudi and international research organizations and centers to promote scientific researches in the field of women’s medicine and to allocate resources to fund these researches.

Promotion of public awareness:

  • Organizing and conducting public events to increase public awareness about women’s neurological disorders especially managing them during pregnancy.
  • Developing scientifically approved educational materials related to different aspects of women’s disorders and making them available for the public through various platforms.
  • To collaborate with several societies that are involved with women as:
    • Obstatric and Gynecology society.
    • Genetics society.
    • Many women’s specific support public societies.

Chapter members:                                              

  • Areej Bushnag (Head and Founder of the chapter)
  • Jameelah Saeedi (General Secretary)
  • Hanadi Abualula (Academic Officer)
  • Iftitah Alhomoud (Research Officer)
  • Salma alqahtani (Public awareness and media officer)
  • Enas Almoualad (Active member)
  • Mohammad Qrimli (Active member)
  • Sonia Khan (Honorary member)
  • Saeed Bohlega (Honorary member)