Poster Sessions and Instructions

Dear all,

On behalf of the organizing committee, of the 18th PAN ARAB & 13th GCC & 26th Saudi Neurology Society Conference, we are pleased to inform you that there will be special poster sessions.


  • The submission for posters is closed
  • 193 posters were received (see list below)
  • All posters will be displayed as E Poster on 4 screens, during the conference days
  • All participants will receive certifications provided proof attendance and registering at poster disc

E Poster Display

A poster presentation combines a visual display on a poster board of the highlights of research with a question-and-answer opportunity. The poster will be available for viewing by participants through the E Poster screen display, and the conference application. Conference attendees may contact the main author during the conference when it is feasible, particularly during breaks. There are 4 E Poster screen displays, in a open area with easy access

For poster participants, observe the following at the time of the conference:

  • You must proceed to the conference poster disk, best early in the morning of the 1st day of the conference, to register your presence
  • Your poster PDF will be accessed on an E Poster screen display across the conference hours and days
  • The conference poster disk will provide some assistance to facilitate your poster display.
  • You may introduce your poster on the E poster display screen to conference attendee at any time during the conference

Evaluation and Awards

  • All abstracts received an initial evaluation and given a score ahead of the conference.
  • Top scored 40 abstracts, will go through a poster second and final evaluation at the conference poster presentation sessions
  • The 40 participants with highest abstracts scores will be contacted ahead of the conference to facilitate their posters evaluation by the poster review panel
  • Best poster presentations will be awarded with a certificate and valuable gift

Poster review panel

The poster review panel will conduct evaluation of top 40 Posters at lunch breaks across the 3 days of the conference

Poster categories

Click on a category to see posters

Basic research

6Dr Jon SenAssessing the feasibility of using human brain tissue slices derived from excised tissue of Chiari malformation patients as a laboratory- based neurological injury model.United Kingdom

Behavior and cognition

55Dr. Noor AlMohishEstimated prevalence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Among Eastern Province Children in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
100Dr. Abdulrahman mohammed alhayssoniperspective of caregivers towards early signs of memory decline in their elderly relatives among saudi populationSaudi Arabia
118Dr. Albaraa Fahad AshoorAssociation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Insulin Resistance in King Abdulaziz Medical City, JeddahSaudi Arabia
128Dr. Maha AlrashidThe prevalence of neuropsychiatric manifestation among SLE patients in Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia
134Dr. Nesrine koukiSpectrum of neuropsychiatric impairment in thiamine deficiency: a case reportTunisia
190Dr. Charfi RihabLevel of understanding of Alzheimer’s disease among caregiversTunisia
200Dr. Raghad Ahmed AlkharoubySystematic Inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease with Diabetes in Older AdultsSaudi Arabia

CNS infection

57Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshViruses Causing Aseptic Meningitis: A Tertiary Medical Center Experience With a Multiplex PCR AssaySaudi Arabia
72Dr. Dina LizzeikPseudomonas Stutzeri Meningitis in a Patient with Post-laminectomy CSF Leak and Infected Pseudomeningocele: a Case ReportLebanon
171Dr. Safaa Mohamed Hamed AbualgasimCranial osteomyelitis involving both calvarium and skull base after neglected traumatic scalp wounds: a case report.Sudan


7Dr. Naim KajtaziStroke Codes during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Clinical CharacteristicsSaudi Arabia
48Dr. Abdulaziz BajaferThe impact of COVID-19 on the disease activity of multiple sclerosis: A Retrospective cohort studySaudi Arabia
61Dr. Dai Osama ZaferGuillain-Barré Syndrome in an Elderly Patient as a Complication of COVID-19 InfectionSaudi Arabia
76Dr. Dina LizzeikRamsay Hunt Syndrome Post COVID-19 Infection: A Case ReportLebanon
99Dr. Sarah Al ShehriAnti-leucine rich glioma inactivated 1 (LGI1 ) presenting with bitemporal lobe epilepsy following COVID-19 vaccineSaudi Arabia
101Dr. Dina LizzeikGuillain-Barre Syndrome after first dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine: Case-series from Lebanon.Lebanon
129Dr. Moafaq Shbat AlrawailiSerum SARM1 Levels and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Type 2 Diabetes: Correlation with Clinical Neuropathy Scales and Nerve Conduction Studies and impact of COVID-19 vaccinationSaudi Arabia
141Dr. Abbasher HussienCOVID-19 and AstraZeneca Vaccine; rare exacerbating factors of Myasthenia Gravis: A Case SeriesSudan
142Dr. Abbasher HussienLower Motor Neuron Facial Palsy Following COVID-19 Infection and COVID-19 AstraZeneca VaccineSudan
143Dr. Abbasher HussienCOVID-19 and Guillain-Barre Syndrome Case ReportSudan
144Dr. Abbasher HussienCOVID-19 and cognitive impairment: A cross-sectional clinic-based studySudan
146Dr. Abbasher HussienAstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: A possible risk factor for Stroke, Case Series from SudanSudan
153Dr. Munirah Arif AlabdulqaderPsychological distress among migraine patients during the COVID-19 crisisSaudi Arabia
157Dr. Abdallah ThaniA Case Report of Guillian Barre Syndrome Complicating COVID-19 InfectionSudan
173Dr. R.A.SalihMalaria among adult Sudanese covid patients between the 4th of April 2020 to the 15th of January 2021Sudan
180Dr. Mohammad Sultan AldayelAdult and Pediatric Neurologists’ and Neurosurgeons’ satisfaction using telehealth during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study.Saudi Arabia
185Dr. Ghorbel InesAcute-onset chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy following AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccineTunisia


NoPresenterAbstract titleCountry
1Dr. Anas S. AlyazidiEvaluation of Health Science Students’ Health Fatalism and Perception Towards Epilepsy Patients: Cross-sectional Global StudySaudi Arabia
17Dr. Hanan khalid aljaidiCerebral Hyperperfusion Syndrome Presenting As Epilepsy Partialis Continua Following Carotid StentingSaudi Arabia
28Dr. Abrar KhanAutoimmune Epilepsy, Retrospective case seriesSaudi Arabia
29Dr. Shahad AltayyarThe public knowledge, awareness, attitudes, and practices regarding seizure attacks among the people of Makkah citySaudi Arabia
46Dr. Tasneem BanjerThe impact of the duration of last seizure before the admission to epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) on the timing of determining epilepsy classificationsSaudi Arabia
47Dr. Dania AttiyahPredicting psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) in patients with drug resistant epilepsySaudi Arabia
51Dr. NEDAA esam bantanAntiepileptic Drugs-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome: systematic review of descriptive studiesSaudi Arabia
64Dr. Hayam Abdel-TawabEvaluation of Heart Rate Variability Parameters During Awake and Sleep in Refractory and Controlled Epileptic Patients.Egypt
65Dr. Bassam SefVagal nerve stimulation as therapy for drug- resistant epilepsy a tertiary hospital experience of outcomes at efficacy in King Abdullah Medical CitySaudi Arabia
73Dr. Rahaf S AlotaibiKnowledge and awareness of parents about the difference between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and absence seizure in pediatric population ?Makkah, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional studySaudi Arabia
81Dr. Fahad Abed AlHarbiPublic awareness and attitudes towards epilepsy in Saudi Arabia: a systematic review and meta-analysisSaudi Arabia
91Dr. Rawan AlbalawiAcute psychosis and behavioral changes with abnormal seizure-like hyperactive psychomotor activity most likely secondary to initiation of isotretinoin in a previously healthy young male.Saudi Arabia
92Dr. Rawan AlbalawiManagment of an unusual status epilepticusSaudi Arabia
98Dr. Dana Ali AljameaThe prevalence and risk factors of epilepsy related injuries and accidents in a university hospital in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia
103Dr. Moath S. AlmosaPost-stroke epilepsy in Saudi Arabia – frequency, management and outcomes at a comprehensive stroke center in Riyadh, KSASaudi Arabia
104Dr. Alawi Aqel Al-AttasStatus Epilepticus Due to Late-Onset Anti-Leucine-Rich Glioma-Inactivated-1 Encephalitis: A Case Report and Literature ReviewSaudi Arabia
108Dr. SHAHAD JAMAL ALJASIRLocal Experience With Perampanel In Adult Epilepsy Patients At PSMMCSaudi Arabia
113Dr. Nesine GhedamsiNational institutes of Health Stroke Scale: A predictive factor of post stroke epilepsyTunisia
130Dr. Imen ketataIGI1 encephalitis : a case reportTunisia
132Dr. S Ben MammouEpileptic seizures in Tunisian patients with Multiple SclerosisTunisia
136Dr. Ruwa AlneseyanCurrent Practice and Safety Measures in Epilepsy Monitoring Units in The Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: A Cross-Sectional StudySaudi Arabia
137Dr. Ruwa AlneseyanPredictors and prevalence of depression in mesial temporal sclerosis epileptic patients. Cross-sectional multicentre studySaudi Arabia
139Dr. Ali AlmadaniDrug resistant Epilepsy in A Sudanese pediatric patient with Dandy-Walker Syndrome and Hemophilia: A Case reportSudan
145Dr. Alaa HamadSpatial Binding Impairments in Visual Working Memory following Temporal LobectomySaudi Arabia
148Dr. Ebtehal AlwaznaVagus Nerve Stimulation : Experience from Prince Sultan Military Medical CitySaudi Arabia
155Dr. Laroussi SirineFactors associated with quality of life in patients with epilepsyTunisia
156Dr. Amal AtrousLong-term Video Electroencephalography in the diagnosis of Psychogenic nonepileptic seizuresTunisia
174Dr. FakhfakhSleep disorders in patients with epilepsy. A tunisian cohortTunisia
175Dr. Abdulaziz M. AlaskarNew-onset refractory status epilepticus (NORSE); A single-center retrospective cohort of 24 casesSaudi Arabia
188Dr. Sarah Owaidh AljuaidThe Incidence Rate of Post Stroke Epilepsy: A Multi – Centers, Retrospective Study.Saudi Arabia
195Dr. Rafah Basem HaririEfficacy and Tolerability of Perampanel in Pediatric Patients with Dravet Syndrome: Single Institution Retrospective Study.Saudi Arabia
197Dr. Khabab Abbasher Hussien Mohamed AhmedPrevalence and risk factors of functional seizures among adult Sudanese patients with epilepsy, a cross-sectional clinic-based studySudan
198Dr. Khabab Abbasher Hussien Mohamed AhmedPatterns, clinical presentation, and neuroimaging finding of intracranial infections among adult Sudanese patients: A multi-center cross sectional studySudan
199Dr. Khabab Abbasher Hussien Mohamed AhmedSydenham Chorea in Sudan; Panorama of Presentation: A Cross- Sectional StudySudan

General Neurology

21Dr. Anas AlyazidiThe Important Role of Family Members in Guiding Medical Professions to Reach a Diagnosis: Case Report of Under-noticed Bilateral Apraxia of Eyelid ClosureSaudi Arabia
22Dr. Ismail Ibrahim IsmailIncidence, risk factors, and clinical characterization of post-dural puncture headache in Kuwait: a hospital-based studyKuwait
24Dr. Ammar AljabriThe Efficacy of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisSaudi Arabia
50Dr. Aisha AdlanCase report: Arnold Chiari malformation type1 with Syringobulbia and Syringomyelia with 35 years old Sudanese female with hemiparesis and migraine headacheSudan
63Dr. Anas AlyazidiParental Perceptions of Dental Health in Children with Neurological Disorders: Cross-sectional Tertiary Care Center AssessmentSaudi Arabia
70Dr. Rahmah Majed AlsawadImpact of burnout and sleep deprivation on neurology residents’ performance in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
80Dr. Norah Ayed AlharbiClinical and genetic features of Calpainopathies in Saudi Arabia -a descriptive cross-sectional studySaudi Arabia
82Dr. Norah Ayed AlharbiClinical, Neurophysiological, Radiological, Pathological, and Genetic Features of Dysferlinopathy in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
88Dr. Bader H. ShirahWhole Exome Sequencing Reveals A Novel Homozygous Variant in the a Ganglioside Biosynthetic Enzyme, ST3GAL5 Gene in a Saudi Family Causing Salt and Pepper SyndromeSaudi Arabia
89Dr. Bader H. ShirahClinical and Molecular Characteristics of A Novel Homozygous DNAJC3 Gene Variant in A Saudi FamilySaudi Arabia
97Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed MohamedLow velocity Penetrating head injury: knife and nail stab to the head, the phenomenon of Phineas GageSudan
106Dr. Malak Marzouk Mohammed AltewerkiPoorly Differentiated Clival Chordoma in Extreme Young Age; Case illustration and Review of LiteratureSaudi Arabia
116Dr. Zahra Zuhair al khalifahMorphometry of Optic Canal and Sheath in Saudi Population in Relation to Gender and AgeSaudi Arabia
125Dr. Nouf abdulaziz alatawiNeurological problems during hajj season: review articleSaudi Arabia
184Dr. Sabrina MejdoubFrequency and causes of anti-thyroid antibodies prescription in NeurologyTunisia
191Dr. SAAD KARIMThe origin of the neurology in Iraq: a brief historyIraq
194Dr. Dania Emad FaidahExperience and Perception of Utilizing Virtual Clinic in Neurological Assessment in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia


8Dr. Naim KajtaziMalignant idiopathic intracranial hypertension revealed a hidden primary spinal leptomeningeal medulloblastomaSaudi Arabia
19Dr. Aalaa BaarmahHeadache’s Red FlagsSaudi Arabia
40Dr. Jasem Al-HashelReal-Life Experience with Erenumab Therapy in the Episodic and Chronic Migraine.Kuwait
45Dr. Bashaier G. AlQahtaniThe prevalence and frequency of hemodialysis related headache and associated risk factors among ESRD patients in King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional study.Saudi Arabia
74Dr. Bandar AljafenSelf-medication among Healthcare Providers with Migraine in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
85Dr. Hani AlabdalySporadic Hemiplegic Migraine: A Case ReportSaudi Arabia
95Dr. Jasem Al-HashelEfficacy of onabotulinumtoxinA Treatment in Episodic Migraine – Kuwait
203Dr. Atheer Ibrahim DarrajThe prevalence and impact of analgesic overuse headache on quality of life among health colleges students in Jazan University.Saudi Arabia

Movement disorder

NoPresenterAbstract titleCountry
33Dr. Danya Adeb aljafariPublic Knowledge and Awareness of Restless Legs Syndrome and its Risk Factors in Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
69Dr. Saeed BohlegaExpanding the genotype-phenotype landscape of PDE10A- associated movement disordersSaudi Arabia
133Dr. Arwa RekikInvestigating the motor and non-motor phenotype of late onset essential tremorTunisia


117Dr. IMEN KACEMALS phenotype-genotype correlation in a Tunisian cohortTunisia
121Dr. Youssef AbidaCognitive profile in Tunisian ALS patientsTunisia
149Dr. Salwa Essam Abbas MedaniTherapeutic response to Edaravone in a Sudanese patient diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisSudan
150Dr. Rania Galal MirghaniBrown-Vialetto Van Laere Disease in a Sudanese Lady with Good Response to High Dose of RiboflavinSudan
160Dr. I sghaierProgression of Parkinson’s disease according to LRRK2-G2019S genetic profileTunisia
162Dr. Shurooq Fares MunassarContinuous Subcutaneous Apomorphine Infusion Pump Efficacy in Parkinson’s patient in King Fahad General Hospital- JeddahSaudi Arabia
163Dr. Saad YasmineA Juvenile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis revealed by a ‘Man in a barrel syndrome’: case report and review of the litteratureTunisia
167Dr. Wafa BouchaalaSubacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE): underdiagnosed neurodegenerative diseaseTunisia
178Dr. FakhfakhAlexithymia in Parkinson’s disease: a tunisian cohortTunisia
179Dr. FakhfakhAnxiodepressive disorders in Parkinson’s disease: a tunisian CohortTunisia


4Dr. Awad Awied AlharbiThe prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
9Dr. Naim KajtaziThe Dual Catastrophe of Behçet’s Disease Visual Loss Followed by Acute Spinal Shock After Lumbar Drain RemovalSaudi Arabia
10Dr. Naim KajtaziChronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy evolving to primary CNS lymphomaSaudi Arabia
18Dr. Alaa Fawzi MaglanPatterns of Multiple Sclerosis Presentation to the Emergency DepartmentSaudi Arabia
23Dr. Osama KhojahAnti-mGluR1 Encephalitis: Case Illustration and Systematic ReviewSaudi Arabia
25Dr. Anas Mastour AlswatThe prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional multi-centered studySaudi Arabia
26Dr. Rayan Ibrahim MaghrabiNeuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder : a rare case report of transverse myelitis and autonomic dysfunction.Saudi Arabia
36Dr. Samar Farouk AhmedEarly initiation of highly efficacy disease modifying therapies in naïve relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients reduce disease activity and disability.Kuwait
37Dr. Samar Farouk AhmedSafety and efficacy of ocrelizumab in multiple sclerosis, A real clinical sitting in KuwaitKuwait
38Dr. Samar Farouk AhmedOcrelizumab and cladribine have similar efficacy and safety in naïve relapsingremitting multiple sclerosis patients.Kuwait
39Dr. Jasem Al-HashelReal-life study with Cladribine, Kuwait ExperienceKuwait
41Dr. Samar Farouk AhmedTen years Natural History of Multiple Sclerosis in Kuwait PopulationKuwait
42Dr. Samar Farouk AhmedA Real-life study of Alemtuzumab in patients with Multiple Sclerosis: The Kuwait’s ExperienceKuwait
44Dr. Danya Adeb AljafariADEM Post-Coronavirus Disease PneumoniaSaudi Arabia
54Dr. Fahad AldawsariChronic fatigue syndrome in multiple sclerosis patients in kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
107Dr. Rayan Ibrahim MaghrabiAcute Basilar artery occlusion characteristics and outcome: A retrospective single center experience.Saudi Arabia
112Dr. Razan AlmulhemAssess the knowledge and attitude towards multiple sclerosis (MS) and its effects on pregnancy among women with Multiple sclerosis in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
115Dr. Jihad InshasiTreatment Satisfaction with Cladribine Tablets In Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (CLUE Study)UAE
119Dr. Hossam Hamdy YounisEarly experience with the use of Cladribine tablets from two military tertiary hospitals in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
135Dr. MS MajoulSjogren’s syndrome mimicking Multiple Sclerosis in a Tunisian cohortTunisia
138Dr. Loukil ImenAssessment of caregivers’ burden and quality of life in multiple sclerosisTunisia
154Dr. Afnan AlNughaimishA case series of lumbosacral myeloradiculitis with poor response to immunotherapySaudi Arabia
161Dr. Shurooq Fares MunassarSeroconversion of JCV antibodies in MS patients on natalizumab therapy at King Fahad General Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: A prospective Cohort studySaudi Arabia
165Dr. Laroussi SirineHashimoto’s encephalopathy: clinical, radiological and evolutionary profile in a Tunisian cohortTunisia
168Dr. Laroussi SirinePostural balance and falls after stroke in a southern Tunisian cohortTunisia
187Dr. Faisal Salem AlqahtaniInfection Risks Among Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Treated With DMTs: A systematic reviewSaudi Arabia
196Dr. Faisal Salem AlqahtaniAtypical Neuro-Behçet’s disease: a case reportSaudi Arabia
202Dr. Seham AlsalamahThe Diagnostic Utility of Central Vein Sign in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in a Tertiary Care CenterSaudi Arabia


20Dr. Abdulaziz ali alqarniAtypical Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Secondary to Superoxide Dismutase 1 Gene Mutation With Coexistent Axonal Polyneuropathy: A Challenging DiagnosisSaudi Arabia
67Dr. Raseel AljthalinGuillain-Barré syndrome variants: a grave complication of bariatric surgerySaudi Arabia
84Dr. Ahmed Samir AbdulhamidRadiofrequency thermoablation of the peripheral branches of trigeminal nerve versus the Gasserian ganglion for treating idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia: A systematic review and meta-analysisSaudi Arabia
90Dr. Mohamed BinfalahPeripheral Neuropathies after Bariatric SurgeryBahrain
96Dr. Joud AlkhudairGuillain-Barré Syndrome in adults in a decade – the largest, single-center, cross-sectional study from the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
120Prof. Dr. Akram M. Al-MahdawiClinical Patterns of Guillain-Barré Syndrome associated with Coronavirus 2019 PandemicIraq
147Dr. Sultan Naser AlotaibiGuillain-Barré syndrome with cranial nerve involvementSaudi Arabia
151Dr. Senda mnifAnti-synthetase syndrome: a rare and challenging diagnosisTunisia
189Dr. Emna DerbelSecondary myopathies: A tunisian hospital cohortTunisia


11Dr. Naim KajtaziSevere ataxia uncovered Hodgkin’s lymphoma: do not forget CT neck when looking for covert malignancySaudi Arabia
12Dr. Naim KajtaziAn Unusual Case of EBV-Negative Primary CNS Lymphoma of Natural Killer/T-Cell LineageSaudi Arabia
34Dr. Abdullah A. GhaddafEquiosmolar Hypertonic saline and Mannitol for brain relaxation in Patients Undergoing Supratentorial tumor Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisSaudi Arabia
164Dr. Rania Mohamed Abakar SibiraA Rare Metastatic Seller Adenocarcinoma: care reportSudan
193Dr. Rania Mohamed Abakar SibiraHemifacial spasm as an atypical presentation of Subdural Hematoma complicated by status epilepticus: case reportSudan


49Dr. Mais GarahUtilizing P100 wave latency to enhance the accuracy of diagnosing multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorderSaudi Arabia
71Dr. Alhussain Khalid Hassan HalawaniThe Efficacy of Contralaterally Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation Compared to Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Recovery of Limb Function Following a Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSaudi Arabia
86Dr. Ali abdul jabbar aleesaweThe use of transient sacral nerve stimulator instead of permanent sacral nerve stimulator in one of the causes of neurogenic bladder which is fowler syndromeIraq
212Dr. Fatma BaikThe association between the glycemic control and the median nerve action potentials in Carpal Tunnel SyndromeSaudi Arabia


35Dr. Olfat Saleh JanbiSmartphone addiction and its complications related to health and daily activities among university students in Saudi Arabia: A multicenter studySaudi Arabia
66Dr. Asma MohammaddinPsychiatric Manifestations of Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures, a Retrospective ReviewSaudi Arabia


16Dr. Naim KajtaziBrain Calcinosis Syndrome: From Radiological Diagnosis to Clinical SpectrumSaudi Arabia
110Dr. Abathar Qahtan AladiThe role of spinal MRI in NASAHIraq


13Dr. Naim KajtaziRight cerebellar stroke with a right vertebral artery occlusion following an embolization of the right glomus tympanicum tumor: Case report with literature reviewSaudi Arabia
14Dr. Naim KajtaziExtensive cerebral venous thrombosis after resection of third ventricle colloid cystSaudi Arabia
15Dr. Naim KajtaziIpsilateral Weakness Caused by Ipsilateral Stroke: A Case SeriesSaudi Arabia
27Dr. Afaf Mahdi AlbogmiDeterminants of quality of life in patients with hemorrhagic stroke, Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional studySaudi Arabia
43Dr. Eman Abdel-Mageed ElhamrawyTranscranial magnetic stimulation versus transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation in post stroke dysphagia: A clinical randomized controlled trialEgypt
56Dr. Mohammed Talab AlshahraniProvocative Hyperventilation in a Patient With Stroke-Like Migraine Attacks After Radiation TherapySaudi Arabia
58Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshStroke Seasonality and Weather Association in a Middle East Country: A Single Tertiary Center ExperienceSaudi Arabia
59Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshClinical characteristics and outcomes of ischemic stroke patients during Ramadan vs. non-Ramadan months: Is there a difference?Saudi Arabia
75Dr. Thamer AlhowaishIntraluminal Thrombus of The Extracranial Cerebral Arteries in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Manifestations, Treatment Strategies, and Outcome.Saudi Arabia
77Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshPrevalence and Clinical Characteristics of Lacunar Stroke: A Hospital-Based StudySaudi Arabia
78Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshAnterior circulation large vessel occlusion stroke in Saudi Arabia: Prevalence, predictors, and outcomeSaudi Arabia
79Dr. Mohammed A. AldriweeshStroke mimics: Clinical characteristics and outcomeSaudi Arabia
87Dr. Bader H. ShirahPrimordial and Primary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke in Saudi Arabia: A Combination Approach and Evolving ConceptsSaudi Arabia
93Dr. Ziad Ezzat M AljundiKing Abdullah Medical City- Makkah Acute Ischemic Stroke AIS Experience During Hajj 2017Saudi Arabia
94Dr. Abdullah F AlHarthiSpectrum of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
102Dr. Alawi Aqel Al-AttasSick Sinus Syndrome and Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: A Case Report and Literature ReviewSaudi Arabia
114Dr. AlkahtaniClinical characteristics, etiology, radiological features and outcomes of intracerebral hemorrhage in young adults at King Abdulaziz Medical City, MNGHA, Riyadh, KSASaudi Arabia
123Dr. Ossama mansourimplementation of Code Neurointervention and Its Impact on Reaction and Treatment TimesEgypt
126Dr. Tamer HassanOutcomes of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Obesity , single center studyEgypt
131Dr. Mohammed Saeed AlqahtaniReversible Ischemic Lesion Hypodensity in Acute Stroke Patient with Low ASPECTS Following Endovascular Thrombectomy, Case ReportSaudi Arabia
158Dr. Amal AbbesCerebral venous thrombosis: what is the incriminating pathology?Tunisia
159Dr. Amal AbbesCognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric manifestations in Neuro-Behcet diseaseTunisia
169Dr. Laroussi SirineMood disorders after stroke: prevalence and risk factors in a Tunisian cohortTunisia
170Dr. Laroussi SirineSpinal dural arteriovenous fistulas – An underdiagnosed conditionTunisia
172Dr. Majed Abdullah AljohaniVisual Impairments After Stroke: A Descriptive Study, in Tertiary Hospital, Central Region, Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
176Dr. Faisal Salem AlqahtaniRCVS in a person with prolactinoma: Is cabergoline the felon?Saudi Arabia
181Dr. MUHANNAD ASIRIIncidence and Risk Factors of Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury in patients underwent acute Stroke computed tomography Angiography in the Emergency Setting at King Fahad hospital Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
182Dr. FakhfakhSusac syndrome without hearing lossTunisia
183Dr. Safa MellouliNeurological manifestations in ANCA associated vasculitis : case-series and literature reviewTunisia
186Dr. MS MajoulVascular cognitive impairment : study of a tunisian cohortTunisia
192Dr. Abdullah Rabeh AlharbiGlucose Potassium ratio role on acute ischemic stroke clinical outcome.Saudi Arabia
208Dr. Hamad AldrayeCritical illness-associated cerebral microbleed: Case Reports and an algorithmic approachSaudi Arabia
209Dr. Hamad AldrayeBrown-Vialetto-Van Laere Syndrome: Case Report and Review of LiteratureSaudi Arabia