Headache Chapter

The need for headache medicine is growing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as headache is considered one of the most common medical complaints in the region. There is also a growing demand for promoting, developing, and supervising the practice of headache medicine, given the rapid advances in the management of headache disorders. Therefore, I would like to present this proposal to establish the committee of the Headache Chapter under the umbrella of the Saudi Neurology Society.

 Chapter Objectives:

  • Education and training:
    • Promoting the idea of establishing a specialized headache clinic in different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and assist various health authorities with the required standards for establishing a headache clinic.
    • Developing a standard curriculum for residency and fellowship training programs, such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency, Anesthesia, Family Medicine, and Rehabilitation Medicine, that require exposure to headache medicine practice.
    • Supervise, evaluate, and promote educational courses, conferences, and events endorsed by the chapter in the field of headache medicine
  • Improving the quality and safety of headache patient care:
    • Promoting and implementing the best medical practice for the management of headache disorders that are consistent with the most current and updated scientific knowledge
    • Promoting patient-centred and value-based practice for the management of headache disorders
    • Developing a headache management guidelines and protocols for primary and secondary headache disorders that align with the other internationally recognized scientific headache guidelines.
  • Research:
    • Identify and promote research opportunities and initiatives related to headache medicine through communication and networking within the chapter members as well as other healthcare professionals and organizations interested in the field of headache medicine.
    • Collaborate and establish research relationships with different Saudi and international research organizations and centers to promote scientific researches in the field of headache medicine and to allocate resources to fund these researches.
  • Promotion of public awareness:
    • Organizing and conducting public events to increase public awareness about headache disorders and the available treatments.
    • Developing scientifically approved educational materials related to different aspects of headache disorders and making them available for the public through various platforms.

Chapter members:

  • Dr. Abdulrazaq Albilali (Head)
  • Dr. Khalid Algulatie (member)
  • Dr. Majed Alabdalie (member)
  • Dr. Sherin Gurashie (member)
  • Dr. Naser Alotaibie (member)
  • Dr. Ali Alkhathamie (member)
  • Dr. Ali Alshehrie (member)
  • Dr. Mohammed Gremlie (member)


Dr. Abdulrazaq Albilali, MBBS, FRCPC, MSc, MHA, Consultant Neurologist and Headache Specialist, University Medical City Assistant Professor, King Saud University

Email: aalbilali@ksu.edu.sa