24th Conference

  • The 24th Saudi Neurology Conference was held in Al-Khobar City, Le-Meridian Hotel in the period 8-10 February, 2018. The 10th GCC meeting was also hosted in this conference.



Dammam – Al Khobar General Information

Dammam (Arabic: الدمام ad-Dammām) is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The judicial and administrative bodies of the province, plus several government departments, are located in the city. Dammam is the largest city in the Eastern Province, and the sixth largest in Saudi Arabia, after Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Taif Like the other 12 regional capitals of Saudi Arabia, Dammam is not included within any governorate; instead, it is governed as a “municipality” (Arabic: أمانة ; amanah) headed by a mayor (Arabic: أمين ; amin). Dammam is a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. Together with the nearby cities of Dhahran and Al Khobar, Dammam forms part of the Dammam Metropolitan Area, which is commonly known as greater Dammam and has an estimated population of 4,140,000 as of 2012. Dammam and its suburbs form the center of the Dammam metropolitan area, also known as Greater Dammam, which is closely linked to the city through social, economic, and cultural ties. The city is growing at an exceptionally fast rate of 12% a year- the fastest in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Arab world. As of 2016 Greater Dammam is the 4th largest area in both size and population in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The Dammam metropolitan area and the rest of the Eastern Province are served by the King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), the largest airport in the world in terms of land area (approximately 780 km2), about 20 km to the northwest of the city. Dammam’s King Abdul Aziz Sea Port is the largest on the Arabian Gulf. Its import-export traffic in is second only to Jeddah Seaport in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Al-Khobar (also spelled Khobar or al-Khubar; Arabic: الخبر ) is a large city located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the largest cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council, with a population of 941,358 as of 2012. Al Khobar, Dammam, and Dhahran are part of the Dammam metropolitan area, the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Saudi Arabia with an estimated population of over 4,100,000 as of 2012. All three urban centers are served by the King Fahd International Airport which is the largest airport in the world, and King Abdul Aziz Port. Together, they are often known as “The Triplet Cities” by many natives and locals. Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar are less than 15 km (9.3 mi) apart and form one metropolitan area, the fifth largest in the kingdom and sixth in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Many of Al Khobar’s residents work for Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, Al Khobar also hosts many regional and international companies. Traditionally, Khobar has also been a city of shopkeepers and merchants, and the city today has many modern malls and boulevards with shops run by international franchises and restaurants. Al Khobar today has many skyscrapers, with more under construction.


Final Program

Final Program – Click here for PDF file



Chairman : Saeed Bohlega, MD
Waleed Khoja, MD
Edward Cupler, MD
Yousef Al Said, MD
Eslam Shosha, MD
Khalid Alqadi, MD
Omar Ayoub, MD
Khalid Alquliti, MD
Adel Alhazzani, MD
Abdullah Al Ahmad, RN
Ms. Ian Choco



Abdulhakim Shawki, MD
Abdulrahman Al Tahan, MD
Abdulrahman AlShahrani, MD
Abid Karim, MD
Ali Al Khathaami, MD
Ali Mubarak, MD
Bander Aljefen, MD
Eman Nassim, MD
Faisal Alsuwaidan, MD
Fatmah Al Qarni, MD
Nisreen Ashour, MD
Raidah Al Baradie, MD
Reem Bunayan, MD
Saleh Al Deeb, MD
Shireen Qureshi, MD
Talal Alharbi, MD
Zakiya Aldajaani, MD
Ziad El-Chami, MD
Hessa Al Otaibi, MD
Hussain Al Qahtani, MD
Hussain Malibary, MD
Majed Alhumaid, MD
Mohamad Alshamani, MD
Mohammad Al Jumah, MD
Mohammed Alyousef, MD
Nael Al-Azwary, MD
Najeeb Qadi, MD
Nasser Al Otaibi, MD


PAUNS Advisory Board

Chokri Mhiri, MD (Tunis)
Amr Tahir Babikir, MD (Sudan)
Abdullah Younes, MD (Jordan)
Riad Gouider, MD (Tunis)
Osheik Saeedi, MD (Sudan)
Mohamed Tammawy, MD (Egypt)
Adnan Awadah, MD (Lebanon)
Mohamad Shehab, MD (Jordan)
Osama Abdulghani, MD (Egypt)



Jasem Alhashel, MD (Kuwait)
Mishal Abu Al-Melh, MD (Kuwait)
Amal Alhashem, MD (Oman)
Suhail Alrukn, MD (UAE)
Hisham Awn, MD (Yemen)
Fatma Abdullah, MD (Bahrain)
Hassan Alhail, MD (Qatar)
Raed Alroughani, MD (Kuwait)
Issa AlSharoqi, MD (Bahrain)
Abdullah Al Asmi (Oman)
Abubaker Madani, MD (UAE)
Abdullah Rashed, MD (Yemen)
Hani Humaidan, MD (Bahrain)
Abdulaziz Ashkanani, MD (Kuwait)
Adel Aljishi, MD (Bahrain)
Jabaer Alkhabouri, MD, Oman
Jihad Inshasi, MD (UAE)
Tag Eldin Sokrab, MD (Qatar)
Mohammad Bin Falah, MD (Bahrain)


For any inquiries, please contact the following

  • Meeting Coordinator/Program Dr. Eslam Shosha 055 660 5549
  • Workshop Dr. Ali Abusrair 050 012 8868
  • Finance Amjad Buhlega 056 588 7338
  • Hotel and Flight Bookings Ms. Ian Choco 056 703 5450
  • Transportation Abdullah Al Ahmad 054 022 2442
  • Internet Station Ali Al Ahmad 050 850 8382
  • Meeting Registration Ms. Ian Choco 056 703 5450
  • Certificates of Attendance / Participation / CME hours Ms. Ian Choco 056 703 5450
  • Emails: amc250903@yahoo.com – saudineurologysociety24@gmail.com



SAPTCO will be the official transport company responsible for airport pick-up and drop-off. It will provide 24/7 service to our guests and participants. Please contact their office just outside the airport exit gate.

For hotel and airport transfers, please call:

  • Mr. Abdullah al Ahmad 054 02 2442
  • Mr. Ali Al Ahmad  050 850 8382
  • Mr. Anwar Jabbar 059 141 9471



Registrations for the 3 days Symposia:

  1. Consultants SR600
  2. Specialists SR400
  3. Trainee Doctors FREE
  4. Residents/Nurses FREE
  5. Interns and Students FREE

The seats are limited to 30-40participants for each workshop.