2018 Conference Awards

For the first time, The award of Prof. Saleh Al-Deeb was given to a distinguished neurologist who served  the neurology cause in the local and international arena with all his capabilities .. that is Prof. Hussain Malibary .. this occurred at the GALA Dinner of the conference ..


Also, The society is proud to announce the results of young investigators awards at the 2018 conference held in Al-Khobar, 8-10 February, 2018. There were more than 80 abstracts submitted to oral and poster sessions.

The young investigator awards for Oral presentation went to:

  • First oral presentation place winner .. Dr. Alaa Talal Hijji .. R1 resident at Neurology Department, Prince Sultan Military Medical Hospital (Riyadh). The title of her presentation was “1-Year follow up Efficacy of Fingolimod in treatment of Relapsing-Remitting multiple sclerosis (RR-MS)”
  • Second oral presentation place winner .. Dr. Sabah Nasser Sairafi .. Medical student at college of medicine, King Fahd Hospital Of The University, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. The title of her presentation was “Clinical Association and Biological Risk Factors of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis”—
  • Third oral presentation place winner .. Dr. Lamyaa AlGhofaili .. Medical student at Medical college, Al-Faisal University (Riyadh). The title of her presentation was ” The Response to chemo-radiation therapy in unresectable GBM patients in relation to MGMT promoter methylation status: a study from a single center in Saudi Arabia


The young investigator awards for Poster presentation went to:

  • First poster award went to .. Dr. Ghada Khalid Al-Hindi .. Medical student, Medical college, King Saudi University (Riyadh). Title of her poster presentation “Migraine Headache in the Pediatric Population of Saudi Arabia: Prevalence and Risk Factors”.
  • Second poster award went to .. Dr. Osama Abdulqadir Khairoalsindi ..Medical Student, UQU College of Medicine (Makkah). Title of his poster presentation “Prevalence and Characters of Primary Headache Among Medical Students of Umm Al-Qura College of Medicine”
  • Third poster award went to .. Dr. Kareem Saleh Alshammari .. Intern, Hail. Title of his poster presentation “Association between Stroke type and Hypertension, Diabetes and Dyslipidemia: a 7 years record analysis in northern Saudi Arabia”
  • Fourth poster award went to .. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Rasheed .. R2 Neurology Resident, Neurology Department, Prince Sultan Military Medical City (Riyadh). Title of his poster presentation “SYSTEMIC SCHISTOSMIASIS WITH LONGITUDINAL EXTENSIVE TRANSVERSE MYELITIS (LETM) AND MILD OPTIC NEURITIS: CASE REPORT”
  • Fifth poster award went to .. Naim Kajtazi .. Neurology Registrar, Neurology Department, King Fahd Medical City (Riyadh). Title of his poster presentation  “MOG positive seronegative NMO presenting  with absence F wave in electrophysiological study”